I've only got one chance. Let's make it count.

Abby. 21. Fat.
Nothing about this blog is healthy. You may be triggered. You've been warned.

If you're one of those healthy weight loss/fitblr/I don't hate myself but I wanna lose weight and change everything about myself but I totes love myself blogs, don't follow me. This is a scary place you shouldn't see.
HW: 180 (May 2008). Never again!
CW: -30 lbs.
GW1: -10 lbs (Reward: new bras!) -- reached
GW2: -20 lbs (Reward: pair of sandals) --reached
GW3: -30 lbs (Reward: Nail polish set)
GW4: -40 lbs (Reward: Tanning salon package)
GW5: -50lbs (Reward: Victoria's Secret shopping spree!)
GW6: -55 lbs (Reward: NEW WARDROBE AND A BETTER ME!!!)
What I'll wear when I'm thin/Fashion Thinspo
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